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Elruby Thomas

Elruby Thomas

I'm Elruby Thomas, Co-Founder of P2G NETWORKS, an international free, 100% live, online technology and cryptonomics blockchain learning platform since 2019. The Platform is designed to onboard the masses to cryptocurrency and blockchain management and maintenance. We start with the basics: financial literacy, mathematics, introduction to technology execution, practice, and commitment to making it all make sense. We meet twice weekly to practice as a community. We offer free membership for adoption and growth. 

Our mission is to assure a generation of young people who know how to drive a future of true utopian values with innovative technology and inclusive financial literacy leading as the solutions. We are on a noble crusade to transform the world as we know it by educating the people to commonwealth strategies and new technological opportunities anyone can take advantage of and manage with knowledge in practice. 

We are constantly adding to our collective Networks and look forward to meeting new people and programs with like minds to promote and support the people. We are building our networking groups across the world. We hope you will join us and bring friends! 

Alvin Thomas
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Alvin Thomas

I'm co-owner of a tech company in Harlem called Gotcha Techs. For the past ten years, my partner and I have contributed education, computer, and computer services to underserved Harlem residents.
My responsibility was acquiring clients and handling meet and greet during community events and network evenings. What gets me excited is when we get seniors comfortable with the internet and their devices. To see them feel vital today and connect is so great and watch them relate to the young person they're raising.

Now I have the honor of continuing that work as a facilitator for the P2G networks. P2Gneworks is education with an application for our Global community. We have created free Online platforms that educate young people and our baby boomers seven days a week in having, holding, and using cryptocurrency to leverage their financial understanding to position themselves in a digital world of currency.

I manage the social media for the Network and create with the team a newsletter which goes out monthly to keep members in the know.

Quintin Hutchinson (HD)
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Quintin Hutchinson

Also known as HD, is one of P2G NETWORKS' dynamic educators and veteran members. He is also one of three amazing hosts of The“Rap N’ Crypto” Show sponsored by P2G Networks. In addition to his roles in P2G HD is an entrepreneur who notably operates as the CEO/Co-Founder of “The Banker$Club”. HD is a family man who prides himself on being able to create a lasting legacy for generational wealth. 

HD’s professional career is focused on giving back to communities through working in corrections, as a highly decorated Resident Leader. HD always shares that faith, family, and friends are the basics to a strong and balanced lifestyle.

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