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Datz Hymn

Datz Hymn


Dj Datzhymn, Inspired by the pioneers of hip hop, a lover of music, and has been giving a platform to showcase his musical expression by Dj-ing! He's also a music producer currently alongside Dj Chill Will of the Doug-E Fresh and the get fresh Crew on Twitch. Graphic art and Film Editing is another hat of many that DatzHymn wears and is a multi-talented individual with creative insights that will surely help any business and compliment any occasion!

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Joh joh
Joh joh_edited.jpg

Joh Joh

I am Joh’Joh The Master of Manifestationz

Universal Seed Sower


Partner of P2G Networks

The 3nMEE
-Natural News Network™️  link to the Forrest Restoration Project that we promote the natural fundraisers that P2G Networks hosts. 

Kori Raishon
Kori Raishon.jpg

Kori Raishon

Conceptualist and Founder of Double EE Productions, LLC. Kori Raishon is an author, poet, producer, videographer, photographer, and media strategist with a B.S. in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology, Westbury, NY.  He calls himself an innovator and a spiritual vessel with a mission to empower an individual's brand through the use of digital media, with the purpose of leveling the playfield so we all can thrive in a world that is filled with endless opportunities and abundance.

Spearit Bear

Spearit Bear.

Spearit Bear - Artist, Musician, Vegan Farmer, and Creator of Spearit Animals in NFTs. He is working to make a difference within his cultural native of Puerto Rico using his knowledge of farming and blockchain. He is an innovator and educator for those who would ask.  He is a valued member and supporter of P2G Networks. 

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